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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hello lonely stranger,
Sorry for greeting you in such a manner, well the reason behind that is the immense hope that you may be one like me, lonely and yearning for a partner in life.

I was almost lost in desperation when I found this website where thousands of beautiful and elegant women from Russia and parts of erstwhile Soviet Union have registered in search of suitable partners or even just friends.
Males who register here are mainly foreigners as they are fascinated by the beauty and simplicity of Slavic women.

We Russian ladies have always been an attraction for foreigners, which maybe because of the raw beauty, simplicity and the intense aura of emotions which we have.
We are also attracted to the soft spoken, gentle and sophisticated nature of foreigners.

Many feel that we are attracted to their money and want to live their extravagant lifestyle, but in reality we love a man by the inner qualities and his real interests.
We won't be able to live along with anyone just for their money. There might be some of us who are in the opposite way of thinking but majority are as I explained.

So please join this website and make sure you find me. Click here

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

San Francisco 49ers

I hate you!!! That is all. The blog is back; look for updates on all things on the Mind of Macias

Monday, May 7, 2012

Danger Zone 2012

It dawned on me that I uploaded the pictures to Danger Zone 2012 but I never posted them or the link here on Mind Of Macias.  Well here you have them.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

WAS STK on GrinderTV

Check out GrinderTV's newest video featuring the Mitsu. This video was shot about two weeks before the accident. It's amazing work by Brian Goude and the staff at GrinderTV. Make sure you check out there site by clicking here. GRINDERTV 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old School Dreams

My buddy Mike Quigley came over with some cool stories and some cooler artifacts from days past. I figured I would share them on here. Enjoy.

(sorry for the poor quality and the out of place MOM logo) I had a broken lens that day and didn't even know it. 


Monday, April 30, 2012

Hats are finally available in our store, click the link above and to the right or click HERE.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As I sit here and ponder about the future of my favorite build to date I wonder if shes worth resurrecting. But before I go into that, for those of you that by chance don't know the story. My 1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max commonly reffered to as STK TRUK, then renamed WAS STK was in a horrible accident this passed weekend. In a nutshell a friend of mine rear-ended me on the 605 N bound freeway in a suburb of Los Angeles named Irwindale.

It was an accident, shit happens. The thing to think about now is where do we go from here. As of now, I haven't even met with the insurance adjuster yet. I have a feeling that they are going to try and butt rape me on the truck though. I know how these things work. But I also know what I have into this truck not only financially but emotionally. A couple of friends and I have started drawing out some plans for the outcome of this truck:

1) Rebuild it as it was! Not likely, why? Because it already was and has been. Does that make sense? The truck has already been born and lived a short but successful life. SEMA, Cover shoot for Mini Truckin' magazine, The Roadster Show, it really didn't have much to look forward too.

2) Throw it away for scrap. Not likely either. I'm not one to just toss out such a thing of beauty. Even wrecked she looks pretty.

3) Like a "Phoenix" rise from the ashes. Rebuild her in a way as to pay homage to the earlier build. This would be the most likely outcome. I wouldn't paint her the same but something similar. After all the thing I had the most props on was the paint combination on the truck. In my opinion it looked just right. Sure I wish the paint job was slightly better, but it still looked really good.

Hopefully within the next 48 hours or so I will be meeting with an adjuster from Geico. I will post an update and let everybody know where we stand. And if all goes well, she will come back better than her former self and will attend SEMA 2012. Keep  your fingers crossed.